Madge Dumpling’s  Bedtime Stories

Pet rock fanciers are special. Like their rocky little pets, no two of them are the same but they do have two things in common. They all take their pet rock-keeping very seriously, and because a pet rock’s health depends upon a regular playtime with others of their kind, they and their little pets all meet together once a week at the Rubble Club. Madge Dumpling, Quarry-mistress, Chairman of the Rubble Club and world-famous pet rock whisperer, hosts the Rubble Club meetings in her parlour in the Stone Quarry of Undergrowby. The tales she has heard and memorized over the buffet table (between important pet rock talk) are too good to keep to herself, and for many years have proved popular as bedtime stories for her family of pet rocks, who now, like Madge, know them all off by heart. Madge’s latest fleeting passion is practising and perfecting her hand-writing What better thing to write down, she asked herself, than her own fabulous bedtime stories? For the benefit of pet rocks everywhere, she has agreed to share them with the membership of the Rubble Club.


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