Friendship Boots on laminated bookmark, choice of five poems with shoemaker story on reverse.

  • * SOLEMATES BOOTS.  A bonding token for lovers
    * SUNSHINE BOOTS.   To bring good luck
    * CLIMBING BOOTS.   In times of trouble
    * BABY BOOTS.       A gift for the newborn                * FRIENDSHIP BOOTS  For a friend  NEW!!

This gift for you bears sweet intent
For goodness to unfold
 To circle you and guide your feet
On pathways paved with gold

Boots Poems

 This pair of magic hobnail boots
   Was made to last forever
To bind two hearts, unite two soles
  To walk through life together

FRIENDSHIP BOOTS    These boots, a pair forever. Walk Friendship’s path together. I’ll walk with you, you’re my best friend. May friendship’s pathway never end.

For you who hold a brand new life
Protect it with your own,
For you who’ll watch it journey forth
For soon years will have flown,
By then, these little baby boots,
Already long outgrown,
Will be a source of mother-love
Condensed in boots of stone.

Sometimes the path will turn a bend
 To face a stony wall.
      You see no way around it        You climb, but then you fall.
  Look up, my friend, and over,
  These boots will help you on.
 Just turn your face to heaven,
   A new path has begun.

The Shoemaker

In the land of Undergrowby
Where earth and heaven meet
A shoemaker displays a sign
“Come in don`t scrape your feet”

For I will scrape your muddy boots
To make a ball of clay
With which I”ll make a pair of boots
To celebrate this day
A tiny pair of boots to bind
two hearts
Twin soles for ever
A memory of a path you shared
A time you spent together

Or they may be from one alone
Sweet solitude is rare
And yields earth`s closest secrets
Some paths are not to share

For those who tread this way
Are drawn by forces unseen,
Along a path prepared
By Mother Earth, as in a dream.

And souls who walk together here
Where earth and heaven meet
May catch a glimpse of heaven
In the earth beneath their feet

These boots, once fired and
turned to stone
A memory of the whole
Will walk you gently inward
On the pathway of the soul

©Undergrowby 2020