Unique and unusual magic wands, hand crafted at the The Magic Wand Factory of Undergrowby

Some of our wands 

A sm1
O sm
B sm2
C sm
D sm
E sm
F sm
G sm
H sm
I sm
J sm
K sm
L sm
M sm
N sm
babyblue sm
donkey1 sm
wand jacket +wom small
P sm
Q sm
R sm
S sm
T sm
U sm
V sm

Wands are approx. 8 inches long

W sm
X sm
Y sm
Z sm
Z1 sm
Z2 sm

Each Undergrowby Wand is presented in a laminated pouch and includes the Wand Owners Manual

unicorn1 sm
babyyellow sm

Each wand is lovingly hand-crafted in our workshop by Carol Gray.

They each have their own individual characteristics and colours, no two are are ever the same.

There is only one of each of the wands shown.


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If you do not see one that appeals to you, do not worry it is probably still in the kiln. Just come back again in the near future, it will magically appear when the time is right.

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